Pyrois Media Services

Pyrois Media Services

Pyrois Media provides a variety of services and packages to best help our clients. From client relations to social media, we can cater for your every media need.

Client Relations

Keeping your clients happy is a cornerstone to every business. Happy customers not only continue to stay with a business year after year but also provide valuable word-of-mouth advertising that can help it reach new heights. With clients playing such an important role in your success, Pyrois Media provides packages to fit your every client updating need.

Our time working at farms and with trainers has enlightened us on how much owners around the world enjoy knowing more about their horses. From photographs to written updates, we know how to help you make sure your clients get exactly what they want.


Content Creation

The right words mean everything and a combination of color and information is needed to make sure your news isn’t lost in the shuffle of the daily release of information. That is where Pyrois Media comes in.

From writing about your stallion’s winners to your $1 million yearling, our experience working in marketing in addition to journalism give us a unique perspective to make your story stand out. Not only can we help you put together the perfect press release, but we also have extensive experience writing stories on a variety of topics from marketing of yearlings to profiles of employees. If you’d like to write your own content, our experiences as editors also gives us the tools needed to help you put out a polished piece.


As journalists who have written about many different topics, from politics to horse racing, we can write any story you have in mind. Our recent bylines have appeared in such publications as International Thoroughbred, Thoroughbred Daily News, Blood-Horse, America’s Best Racing and Horse Nation on topics from farm life to eventing to horse racing and everything in between.

As an added bonus, our experience as photographers allow us to provide photos to accompany many stories we write.


First impressions mean everything with a 2011 study in Behavior & Information Technology showing that you only have 50 milliseconds before people form an opinion of your website. So it’s important to make sure every part of your business has just the right visuals.

As life-long lovers of photography, we have spent years learning everything we can to hone our craft and have photographed horse sports from horse racing to 4-star eventing and everything in between. Our photographs have been used in major publications and on social media accounts around the world.

From photographing American Pharoah during his Triple Crown campaign to photographing countless winners as youngsters and families with their beloved equine partners, we’re here to get you the perfect shot.



If you need information but your to-do list is too long to dig into the novels of information available on the internet, let Pyrois Media help. Our staff’s journalism and farm backgrounds have allowed them to discover many different ways to find everything you need. As an added bonus, their love of finding information means you’ll get even more bang for your buck on everything from rundowns on pedigrees to industry growth numbers.

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient research team, Pyrois Media is your one stop shop to make sure you get the information you need for all things equine.


Social Media

In the 21st century, social media has turned into a “must have” for any business as the best way to reach the most eyes in the most cost efficient way. While sending a tweet or posting on Facebook may seem easy, there are many considerations that need to go into each post for your message has the biggest impact across multiple platforms.

Our experience running – and growing social media accounts – have allowed us to learn how to get the most out of every tweet or post while conveying the personality of the client. Pyrois’ hands-on approach will help you find the package and personality that fits your company based on your goals to  get the most out of everything social media offers.

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